[ [ [ Yannis Lehuédé - Post production: VFX, color grading, web, photography


Video shootings for various events, post-production (image editing, visual effects, motion design, compositing, 3D, color grading), round-trip setup, developments, film conversion and teaching of various audiovisual tools and techniques.

Showreel Camera operator 2020

Camera operator / video editor

Experienced cameraman with hardware:

  • Documentaries, reports, institutional,
  • Live shows and music concerts shootings,
  • Making-of,
  • Fiction films,
  • Conferences,
  • Editing/Montage, VFx, Color grading, Motion design.

VFX - Showreel 2012

VFX : visual effects, compositing, green-screen and image restoration

  • On set VFX supervision & consulting
  • Look Development
  • Digital animated visual effects
  • Matte paintings
  • 3D photoreal & filmed shots integration
  • Match move / tracking / shot stabilisation
  • Paint & Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • Concept design, storyboarding, layout & animatics
  • Typography
  • Title Design & animated logos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Interface Design (HUD)
  • Statistics & big data visualization
  • 2D & 3D Graphics

Color grading 2017

Color grading, conformation & roundtrip postproduction

  • Video edits Conformation
  • Color grading in HD, 2K, 4K (from Raw, Log, ACES to Rec709 and/or DCI-P3) with BMD DaVinci Resolve
  • Image noise reduction
  • Custom LUTs creation
  • DCP exports creation
  • Postproduction workflow advisor


Photographer since the silver film era, I made various types of shots with all subjects for a long time: portraits, nature, indoors and outdoors reports. Here is a collection sorted into four thematic groups. Do not hesitate to contact me to illustrate your documents with original photographs.

Blues pill

I think that I am


Hipster smoke


Quick call in between

At the outposts



The butterfly dance


Some graphic design work, usually with step-by-step explanations, dawings, paintings... and soon: a summary of history of 3D and VFX (only in french at the moment) and some picture collections for inspiration. Check this out and stay tuned!

Digital visual effects & CGI — 

Making crowds of people "artificially" for the cinema is nothing new, and it is easy to guess why we avoid using thousands of extras. In the digital...

Digital visual effects & CGI — 

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Print — 

This is a small card for the House of seeds and vaporization, shops associated withe the bookstore Lady Long Solo in Paris (France). This printed...



I’ve grown up at the same time as digital broadcasting, I quickly discovered its potential. Very young, I tested the editorial layout, photo retouching and image synthesis, in parallel with traditional drawing, painting and photography... everything that was called at the time multimedia. Then my studies focused on computer science and programming to immerse in the possibilities that technical tools could bring to artists in the image and cinema domains.

Since then, I navigate between artistic and technical aspects, fed by various other projects that enrich my experiences, those of others around me, as well as our projects, sometimes even indirectly.
I also stay tuned to new innovations in many areas and continue to learn continuously. This enhances my skills and allows me to always explore new creative territories.

I now work as a freelancer, based in Paris (France) and Colour Science teacher in a cinema school in Nantes.