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Color correction in HD, 2K, UHD, 4K

Based on a long experience for various projects (documentaries, films, musical clips...) I can take care of your project’s color corrections. By this, I mean the contrast and color matching for the film, according to the image’s broadcast specifications, as well as a secondary calibration to ensure overall consistency.
To do this, I am versatile on the use of different recording technologies such as: DSLR, RED, ARRI, BlackMagic cameras and their respective formats (RAW, Log, flat...) to deliver a result in sRGB for the web, Rec709 (for a final television display) or DCI-P3 for professional cinema projectors.
To do this, I use regularly calibrated screens and different control media such as a standard television, a CRT monitor and Retina displays to ensure color fidelity on each support.


Conformation of video edits

By conformation, I mean: reproducing the video edit to the Digital Intermediate platform with high quality images.
This is a prerequisite part of the color correction and grading work. I can get edits from Adobe PremierePro, Apple Final Cut X, or XML / EDL files generated by other NLE (Non-Linear Editing software). Unless you provide the projects from the mentioned software, I will also request an export of the video master, even if in low quality, to control that the project’s conformation exactly respects the work done by the video editor. Sometimes, such roundtrips are necessary so all shots are in agreement (case of stabilization mismatch, reframing, retiming...).
After this step, the editing will be optimized to address the actual color work. The transitions and title elements will be re-applied afterwards.
I will finally provide you a shot by shot edit corrected (with, for each shot, some images before and after) or a single video block, you decide.


Color Grading and Finishing

Constantly listening to the latest technological innovations and artistic trends, I know how to adapt to each project by highlighting its own narrative aspect in priority. If some tell the difference between color correction and color grading, the second definition refers to the highlighting (or obstruction) of details within the image, and a special care given to the narrative of the film. Colors can also be drastically changed. These operations are carried out with discretion, it would be unthinkable to disturb the audience with treatments making the image unreal!
The addition of grain or several types of "vintage" looks simulation are also possible at this sage, before exporting the final master file.


Custom LUTs creation

Whether searching a particular style for the film (in pre-production) or to allow on stage visualization using the closest image to the final rendering (on the control monitors) during shooting, I can provide several LUTs (Look-Up Tables) that will be insertable into the various devices (on set monitors, video editing software...) in .cube and/or .vlog formats, the most common ones, to save time and allow you to make better decisions based on current lighting conditions. Note that for a particular type of camera and type of lighting or scenery, a specific LUT is preferable.
During simultaneous broadcasting (multi-camera streaming), LUTs can also be generated to match different cameras seamlessly, for real-time editing of your live events.

And here are a few projects I graded up to 2017:


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