[ [ [ VFX - Showreel 2012 - Yannis Lehuédé

A set of my digital visual effects for various projects(short-films, shooting savings, animatics...) up to end of the year 2012.

Here are some illustration shots:

Virtual glass window added in post (before/after)
Detail of virtual glass window (before/after)
(You can find more explaination about this shot in the article of blog Adding a window in post-production, in french)


Re-focus on the ring (before/after)
(You can find more information about this shot in the article Ring "re-focus", in french)


Phone switched on in post (before/after)
(More about this shot Phone lightening, in french)


Shining ring (before/after)
Ring polished in post (before/after)
(More information about this shot Ring shining in the blog, in french)


Nails fired as particles cloud
Nails (3D particles) sent to target letters
(More information about this film title shot with 3D particles in the blog, in french)


Soundwave visual components
Particles and final shot with visual soundwaves
(More information about the shots covering sound-wave visualisation in the blog, in french)


More of my early VFX and 3D works and experiments can be explored on my blog "digital special effects", but all articles are in french!