[ [ [ Dessin - Yannis Lehuédé

Pose masculine

Patchwork de croquis

Trois poses rapides

Pose debout

Pose de dos debout

Pose à genoux

Pose sur le dos


Femme assise

Modèle en deux poses

Statue ombrée

Pose nue

Modèle allongée

Modèle de dos

Nu rapide

A few inspiring works from other artists...

Street Art

A collection of radical Street Art elements


Innovative forms, sometimes depending on graphic design fashion time, pixel art, staggered patterns. Pictures don’t necessarily get inspired by their title...

Vintage / Silkscreen

A series of "retro" and varied images collected from multiple sources. It is regularly updated...


Letters and fonts, gleaned from Pinterest. It’s not a collection, just shapes...


Inspirational elements for the layout, paper / magazine / web design, sometimes diverted from their original intent, but really useful as a reference for my work!


Sketches, paintings and other works reproduced from Pinterest.


RSS Photocopies from Pinterest! For inspiration, let them circulate...

Antipub / Politic posters

Here are some images of counter-communication and activist pictures.
Yes Men!


Reproductions of the Lettrism movement, but also what gets inspired by it, sometimes unconsciously, or not at all!