[ [ [ Drawing - Yannis Lehuédé

Man pose

Three quick poses

Stand up pose

Kneeling pose

Sketches patchwork

Pose on the back


Sitting woman

Model in two poses

Shaded statue

Lying model

Model from the back

Nude pose

Quick nude

A few inspiring works from other artists...

Street Art

A collection of radical Street Art elements


Innovative forms, sometimes depending on graphic design fashion time, pixel art, staggered patterns. Pictures don’t necessarily get inspired by their title...

Vintage / Silkscreen

A series of "retro" and varied images collected from multiple sources. It is regularly updated...


Letters and fonts, gleaned from Pinterest. It’s not a collection, just shapes...


Inspirational elements for the layout, paper / magazine / web design, sometimes diverted from their original intent, but really useful as a reference for my work!


Sketches, paintings and other works reproduced from Pinterest.


RSS Photocopies from Pinterest! For inspiration, let them circulate...

Antipub / Politic posters

Here are some images of counter-communication and activist pictures.
Yes Men!


Reproductions of the Lettrism movement, but also what gets inspired by it, sometimes unconsciously, or not at all!